In Istrian hillside, on the upper side of "Nova vas" which earned its name due to exposure to famous Bora wind, stands and traditional Istrian house with a lush garden - the restaurant Na Burji.

The heart of the restaurant is a big open fireplace. On its fire, we boil minestrones and polenta in brass pots and flip fresh Adriatic fish, Florentine steaks or homemade sausages on the grill. Occasionally a lamb, kid or an octopus ends up under the bell while fresh homemade bread is always readily waiting. They end up in the company of fresh truffles, wild asparagus, mushrooms and other fresh seasonal fruit.

The charming cuisine of Na Burji is dedicated to the heritage of green and blue Istria. The ingredients are organic and seasonal, either from our or neighbors garden, the catch of Piranesi fishermen and Slovene breeders. This is the way we strive to preserve pristine original cuisine and culture far from the surrogates down there in the valley.

Oriella, Metka and Moreno


With our food, we pour top wines by local winemakers Santomas, Pucer z Vrha and sparkling wines Klen'Art.

Our selection of wines is carefully picked and limited to what we believe reflects the philosophy of our cuisine. Their wines received numerous awards and express original bouquets and unique characters of Istrian wines with pristine simplicity.

The olive tree is another pillar of Istrian identity. In our cuisine, we use only various local varieties of olive oil.